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Soy Melt Blocks

Soy Melt Blocks

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The Scent:

Our Soy Melt Blocks are available in our entire range of home fragrance. Find out more here. Please make your selection from the drop-down menu

About our Soy Melt Blocks:

Our melts are made with Soy wax and premium Australian made fragrance oils.  Each Melt Block will break apart into 6 individual melts to be used in your favourite fragrance warmer.  Our Melt Blocks are poured into reusable silicone moulds and once set, are individually wrapped in biodegradable film and then placed into a cardboard box making them an eco-friendly.

How to use Soy Melt Blocks:

Our Soy Melts work in both tea-light and electric fragrance warmers.

Either open the box and remove melt block or open the pack by holding onto the bottom of the pack and pulling the top away.  Tip the wax block out of the container and break off a cube to place in your fragrance warmer.  Either add an unscented tea light to your warm or turn on if electric.  Allow the warmth of the flame or electricity to melt the wax and release the aroma. 

You can expect a minimum 12-15 hours of fragrance depending on the heat intensity of your warm.


Soy wax melts will never disappear from your warmer's dish, only the fragrance will evaporate.   When you are ready to change your wax melt, if you own a tea light warmer or an electrical one with a removable dish, once cooled and wax is set, place in the freezer for 5-10 minutes and the wax will release from the dish.   Allow the ceramic to come back to room temperature before reusing.   

Never put the electrical part of the warmer in the freezer.  

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