About Us

Soy and Shea is a small home-based Australian business that specialises in the creation of handmade home and personal fragrances!

My name is Keeley and I am the owner and creator here at Soy and Shea. I have had a passion for fragrances and candles since a very young age and in 2012 I decided I wanted to start my own business where I could share my love of fragrance.

It all started when I discovered a candle making kit at a local craft store in 2010. Although the candles from this kit were not too successful, I was not put off and continued looking for better kits so I could learn more. In 2012, my husband and I moved from Cairns to the Brisbane area to be closer to family. I continued to buy candle making supplies as well as started to look into making lip balms.

At a family dinner that year, I sat with my Granddad telling him of my day making candles and lip balms. His eyes lit up and he then told me how he would sit and watch his Grandma (my Great, Great Grandma) make candles. She made her candles with paraffin wax and made them with the sole purpose of lighting the house after dark. She would also make them for other families. My Granddad was excited that someone in the family could carry on a tradition of a woman that he loved very much and suggested I started selling my candles.

Two weeks later, my Granddad went into hospital for the last time as he lost his battle with Leukemia. As I said my goodbyes, I recalled his story and decided to honour his wishes and turn my hobby into something much bigger and allow others to share in my passion and story. I decided to make candles and melts and maybe one day introduce the bath and body products.

Unlike my Great, Great Grandma, all Soy and Shea candles are made with soy wax and are scented with Australian made fragrance oils. They are an affordable luxury made with the intent of setting the mood and adding fragrance to the home, although I have used them when the power has gone. But like my Great, Great Grandma, each candle (and all other products) has been made with the greatest love and care.

Once I was established with selling Home Fragrances, I began experimenting with lip balms again and discovered a whole world of bath and body products. Many hours were spent researching ingredients and testing formulas until, in late 2015 I was able to launch my first range of moisturisers and lip balms.

Over the following years, the range has grown to include scrubs, sprays, balms and handmade soap.

In 2020, I have made it our mission to review the available products and find ways of presenting them in a more environmentally friendly way, that do not compromise the safety of you, our loyal customer.