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Shrink Wrap Opener

Shrink Wrap Opener

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These handy little tools are perfect to open up all those products that come wrapped up.  They stop you from getting bits of soap, wax melts or other products stuck under finger nails and also reduce the risk of damaging the product. 

Simply place the tip of the opener into the seam of the wrap and gently push until the wrap begins to tear. 

You can even use this tool to open boxes that have been taped shut.

As we only use Biolefin, a biodegradable film to shrink wrap our products, we though it appropriate that these were made using a Polylactic Acid, a renewable plastic that is made using fermented sugars of plants like corn.  As they are made from a plant source, they too are biodegradable.

As we buy these in bundles of mixed colours, we have put in a drop down for pastel or bright colour.  You can add a preferred colour into the comments section at check out and if available, we will add it to the order but please note the colour is not guaranteed.


N.B: Photos are for display purposes only and feature props that are not a part of the product.  Listing is for Shrink wrap opener only does not include additional products.

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