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Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffuser

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The Scent:

Our Reed Diffusers are available in our entire home fragrance range. Find out more here. Please select from drop down list

About our Reed Diffusers:

Our Reed Diffusers are the ideal way to add constant aroma to any room, without the use of heat or flame! It is for this reason, they are perfect to place in rooms where candles are not appropriate such as a bathroom, a spare bedroom, the office or even linen cupboard.

Each diffuser comes filled with e130ml of premixed diffuser base and fragrance of your choice, plus a bundle of 10 natural reeds.

How the Diffuser works:

Upon receiving your Reed Diffuser, unscrew the black collar and carefully remove the stopper then replace the collar. Take as many reeds as required from the bundle and insert into the top. The natural reeds are filled with tiny air channels that draw the diffuser oil up and disperses the aroma into the air through evaporation. After 24-hours, carefully flip the reeds over. It is recommended to turn the reeds once a week to add a burst of fragrance to the space..

There are many factors influencing how long your diffuser will last including weather conditions and size of room. A fact sheet will be sent with your diffuser with tips on how to set it up and how to get the best life from your new diffuser.

Shipping Restrictions: This item can not be sent via Express Post or International shipping

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