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Parker Cartridge Razor Handle (Venus compatible)

Parker Cartridge Razor Handle (Venus compatible)

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About our Parker Cartridge Razor

Our Lady's Parker Razor is a luxurious and hard-working tool that is compatible with Gillette Venus* cartridges. The ergonomic metal handle allows you to securely grip the razor, even when your hands are soapy and wet. The long handle makes it easier to shave difficult areas and the extra weight provides more control and comfort.

The handle has an all Brass Frame with Chrome Plating to ensure years of use and durability.

This razor is a great choice for those looking for a luxurious alternative to plastic handles but prefer cartridge blades.

*This razor accepts all Gillette Venus Blades, except for the Venus Simply 3.

One Gillette Venus blade is included.

To use

The handle has a simple release button lock which makes attaching and removing cartridges simple with no need to touch the blades.

Use blades with care and dispose of with caution. 

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