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Kitchen Scrubber

Kitchen Scrubber

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The Kitchen Scrubber is perfect to use with our range of Solid Dish Soap.

About the Kitchen Scrubber:


Made using coconut fibres which are naturally anti-bacterial and absorbs grease.  This means your new Kitchen Scrubber does not get smelly like nylon alternatives and will never feel greasy!   

The bristles will get into all those hard to reach places without scratching enamelware making it perfect for all kitchen appliances including pots and pans, graters, baking dishes and even bread boards. The galvanised wire used in this scrubber will not rust


Care of your Kitchen Scrubber: 


After use, rinse your Kitchen Scrubber and place on the dish rack to dry.  It can also be placed through the dishwasher from time to time

Your new brush should have many months of life and when at the end, it can be composted or place into the regular bin knowing it will breakdown in land fill

* Eco Friendly
* Compostable
* Vegan Friendly


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