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Green Clay Face Mask - Cleanse

Green Clay Face Mask - Cleanse

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About our Cleanse Green Clay Face Mask:

Our Cleanse Face Mask is formulated with Australian White & Olive Green Clay to create a mask that will cleanse and detoxify the skin. Mediterranean Sea Clay is rich in minerals that will draw away oil while gently exfoliating the skin leaving it fresh and clean. Seaweed Powder is high in vitamins and will help tighten pores, while improving elasticity giving the skin a healthy, revitalised appearance.

Suitable for normal to oily skin types, particularly acne prone skin

The key ingredients:

Green Clay is the strongest of all the clays and may assist with rebalancing acne prone and oily skin by absorbing excess oil from pores.  Minerals found in the clay help to rebalance oil flow, strengthen skin, and act as an aid for repairing scars.

Mediterranean Sea Clay is rich in minerals and can assist with cleansing and detoxifying the skin.  It is known to gently exfoliate while tightening and toning the skin reducing the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Seaweed Powder is rich in nutrients and has a mild exfoliating properties.  It leaves a silky smooth feel and a glow to the skin by tightening pores.



Important: Keep unused Clay dry and hydrated clay must be used immediately. Do not use metal with clays

Does not include Accessories, click to purchase Face Mask Utensil Set

How to use

Use a clean wooden or plastic spoon to measure out a teaspoon of powder mix into a small ceramic or silicone bowl.

Mix with up to a teaspoon of plain water or other liquid of choice (see below) until a smooth paste forms. Apply to face and neck area using a brush or finger tips avoiding eyes and open wounds.

Allow to dry for 5-7 minutes or until mask is almost dry, then rinse with warm water. Follow with face oil or moisturiser.
Recommended for use 1-2 times a week.

Alternative liquids: Instead of water, this mask can also be blended with Aloe Vera gel or juice, milk or milk alternative or witch hazel to create a mask that may soothe irritated skin.

Important: Keep unused Clay dry and hydrated clay must be used immediately. Do not use metal with clays


Approximately 8-12 face masks.


Green Clay, Kaolin Clay, Mediterranean Sea Clay, Seaweed Powder

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