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Spiced Cranberry Soap Bar

Spiced Cranberry Soap Bar

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The scent:

A warm and comforting Christmas aroma that blends the tartness of cranberries, with the sweetness of blackcurrant and vanilla with just a hint of warm spice.

About this soap:

Made with our well loved recipe, our soaps gently cleanse leaving you feeling clean without the dry squeaky feel.   The main oil in our soap is olive oil, which contrary to popular belief, produces a hard, long lasting soap bar.  To make sure our bars feel wonderful on the skin, we also include Shea Butter.  Not all the Shea Butter will turn into soap which helps to stop the soap from feeling drying on the skin.

All our soap are handmade in our shop and are left for 4-6 weeks to harden and mellow, known as curing.  Once ready, we wrap all our soaps in biodegradable film which keeps them clean and dust free.  

As our soaps are handmade, you may find some variations between each bar of soap which occurs during the pouring process.



e130g mass when packed


Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Water, Palm Oil (Sustainably grown and sourced), Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, Fragrance, Shea Butter,  Skin safe colourants, biodegradable glitter.

Care Instructions

To ensure the longest possible life of you soap, it is important to keep it dry between uses.

* Keep soap on a well drained surface such as on a soap dish or mat.

* Keep in a well ventilated area to allow the soap to dry.

Did you know soap can absorb moisture? Do not unwrap your soap bars until ready to use. Keep them in a dark, cool, dry space

If you feel the soap is too large to comfortably use, cut the bar in half and take one half into the shower and keep the other in a dry area.

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