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Soap Sampler

Soap Sampler

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About our Soap Sampler:

Our soap moulds have been designed to allow us to cut the soaps so each soap has a cut surface.  This means we get two thin soap ends from each loaf of soap we make. Over time, we collect all the soap ends and then release them as a Soap Sampler Set.  The ends can be various shapes, sizes and thicknesses but they are still a beautiful bar of soap.  Soap ends are perfect:

  • To have on hand as guest soaps
  • To give to young children rather than a big soap
  • To take on trips away - both business and personal
  • To keep in the gym bag or even school bag
  • To keep near outdoor taps after gardening  

Each Sampler has a minimum  of 4 different pieces of soap (minimum180g) and feature some of the soaps that have been released in the past.  Please note we are not able to take requests for soap type and in many cases, the soaps that are in these sets are no longer available to purchase.

To get the most out of your soap ends, pair them up with a Soap Saver Bag!  Pop a piece of soap inside and use it to lather and scrub the body.




Disclaimer:  The soaps are off cuts and will vary in size and shape.  We cannot guarantee what will be in the bag and cannot take requests for specific soap ends.  We use the same base oils in all our soaps but on occasion, a soap may have additives such as milks, exfoliants, essential oils etc.  If you have allergy concerns, this pack is not for you as we can not guarantee the allergens will not be present.

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