Orange, Lime & Basil Solid Dish Soap

Orange, Lime & Basil Solid Dish Soap

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The scent:

Orange and Lime essential oil give this Dish Soap a fresh zing while the basil adds peppery, aniseed tones.

About our Solid Dish Soap:

Our Solid Dish Soap is made using natural, biodegradable ingredients that will cut through grease getting dishes clean while also being gentle on the hands.  

Scented using natural essential oils and Limonene (found in orange skins) that will help break grease down while releasing their aromas for you to enjoy. 

Our Solid Dish Soap comes in a recyclable aluminum tin making it light weight and suitable not only for home use but also for travelling in caravans, house boats or even backpacking.   We also have a range of eco-friendly kitchen scrubbers to purchase separately.

Weight: e145g

How to use: 

Solid Dish Soap can be used in two ways.  

Run some warm water over the top and then take your favourite sponge or scrubbing brush and rub over the top in circular motion.  Once you have Solid Dish Soap on your washer, proceed to scrub your dishes, pots and pans.

If you prefer to run a sink of water,  Begin running water into the sink. Hold the tin under the running water and allow the movement of the water to create a soapy lather in the sink.  Proceed to wash dishes as usual.

With either method, remember to empty excess water from the container and allow to dry between uses.


Sodium Coco Sulfate^, Cocamidopropyl Betain, Sodium Carbonate, Water, Limonene, Cocoamide MEA, Lime Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Basil Essential Oil, Preservative

^A natural plant based detergent ingredient
*Paraben free and eco-certified for natural products

* Eco Friendly
* Biodegradable
* Vegan Friendly